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Over 25 Years

In the Industry

At Total Fleet Solutions Inc., we have more than 25 years of experience in the transportation industry. You are met with knowledgeable consultants and staff that ensure your company excels beyond the required national safety standards.
Our Leading Competitors Have Only Been Around For 5 Years Or Less

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Whether you’re looking for extra training, need your drivers to complete a few more courses or thinking of starting your own trucking company, we’ve got it all mapped out. With uniquely tailored services that fit any of your needs.

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Incorporations, Tax Filings, Audits, Training Permits....It's a One Stop Shop

Incorporations, Tax Filings,
Audits, Training Permits
....It's a One Stop Shop

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100% Driving Success

Our driving school is aimed at providing our students with theoretical and practical knowledge, which guarantees their future success on the road.

Any Kind of Licensing

Our school also provides a range of additional licensing services for our students' driving convenience. It helps to avoid any problems with driving license.

Experienced Instructors

Safe Drive is a team of highly experienced instructors who will be glad to teach and help you or answer your questions about driving.

Getting Started

The process is quick and easy… simply click on the “Apply as a Driver” button below and fill out our short questionnaire. Once completed, one of our representatives will contact you and begin your job placement process. This is a service that is completely free of charge for drivers.


Had the pleasure of getting my CPTAT certification from them and I must say they are very easy to work with.

Aman Singh

Front-end Developer
They were very professional, kind and personable.

Kyle May

Super friendly and courteous. I didn't know much about how to start my trucking business but they were super helpful along the entire way.

Gurjeet Bajwa

Art director